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CCEnergy's Partners and Affiliates

Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Co-op
Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative is a member-owned electric Cooperative providing electric utility service to Plumas, Sierra, and Lassen counties in California, and Washoe County in Nevada. In partnership with CCEnergy, PSREC provides its co-op members with the opportunity for increased energy efficiency and independence by investing in net-metered solar PV and solar thermal at discounted prices, with low-interest financing available. More partnership details »

Clean Power Co-op
Clean Power Cooperative promotes the construction of new renewable energy projects, from small rooftop solar systems serving a single residence to large wind farms that power entire communities. As a nonprofit educational organization seeking to alert the general public to the many benefits of clean, renewable energy and conservation, Clean Power-Co-op supports both individuals and companies investing in renewable power development, conservation and other earth friendly actions. CCEnergy President Dan Pellegrini serves on the board of directors.

Golden State Power Co-op
GSPC is a statewide association working with other regional, state, and national associations that represent electric co-op members in the worlds of power supply, banking, economic development, energy policy, politics and many other areas of constant concern to co-op members. GSPC uses the non-profit cooperative business model to help existing and future electric co-op members benefit from affordable, reliable electric service through local ownership and control.

Grid Alternatives
GRID Alternatives is a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower communities in need to meet their basic requirements of health, education, and economic opportunity by providing renewable energy and energy efficiency related services, equipment, and training. GRID Alternatives works collaboratively with communities and local organizations to identify specific needs and to develop renewable energy solutions that are environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable. More partnership details »

Endecon Engineering
Endecon Engineering is a leader in Distributed Generation and Storage technologies with world-renowned credentials in the field of photovoltaics. They provide design, installation, and evaluation of generation and storage systems, specializing in renewable resources. They also train installers, building inspectors, and other interested parties on the latest design, installation, code-compliance, operation and maintenance.

Strategic Energy Innovations, Rebuild America
Rebuild America is a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) program whose mission is to build partnerships among communities, states, and the private sector to improve building performance, and to provide a gateway connecting people, resources, ideas and practices for energy solutions to community needs.

Local Government Commission
A nonprofit, nonpartisan, membership organization, the Local Government Commission (LGC) is composed of forward-thinking elected officials, city and county staff, and other interested individuals. The LGC provides a forum and technical assistance to enhance the ability of local governments to create and sustain healthy environments, healthy economies, and social equity.

STARNet provides consulting and management services for the formation of alliances and partnerships. Their mission is to maximize the value of collaborative efforts between organizations, particularly in the field of technology development between public and private organizations. STARNet advises on the feasibility and design of an alliance or partnership, using an alliance formation and operation methodology customized to public sector agencies.

Berkeley Energy Office
The City of Berkeley Energy Office provides services and information to electricity and natural gas consumers in Berkeley. They offer free energy-saving information, and provide access to rebate and incentive programs available for homeowners, renters, and commercial energy consumers.