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What Is Solar?

hand holding solar cell

Electricity is generated by the sun’s rays hitting the photovoltaic (PV) cells arranged on the panels that you see on rooftops or in ground-mounted arrays. During daylight those panels generate electrical energy that can either be stored in batteries (an “off-grid” system), or connected to the utility power grid, acting like a power generator to the system as a whole.

The design and installation of a solar energy system for your home, business, or organization requires expertise in this unique form of power generation. A skilled solar energy consultant should visit your property to assess orientation, potential shading from trees or other buildings, and other factors that may inhibit the potential for a successful system.

A grid-connected solar electric system is the most common. Such a system is made up of the solar modules you see on roofs or mounted on the ground (called an ‘array’) and an inverter to convert the direct-current (DC) electrical energy into alternating current (AC) upon which our utility system is based. Advancements in both solar panel and inverter technology are happening all the time, so it is important to consult with an expert like CCEnergy. For more technical information about how a solar photovoltaic system works, check out this article at the “How Stuff Works” web site.

Solar energy is free, limitless, and clean energy from the only really safe nuclear reactor we know of ... the highly efficient fusion reactor 93 million miles from Earth known as... our sun!