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“Let the Sun Pay Your Utility Bill!”

A Sound Investment

You can do the “right thing” and save money! A solar electric system for your home will not only prevent thousands of pounds of harmful carbon from entering the environment, it will prevent thousands of dollars from being siphoned from your personal wealth.

Homeowners can save up to 45% on the cost of installing a renewable energy system with NEW federal tax credits and state rebates. After a typical payback period of 7 to 10 years, you will enjoy FREE electricity for the life of the system (panels guaranteed for 25 years). With electricity rates climbing steadily at an average of 7% per year over the past several years, this one investment could be the most sensible way to protect your wealth. Not only is an investment in a renewable energy system profitable in the long run, financing options exist to make it a “cash positive” investment from year one!

Good for the Planet

Generations to come will thank you for your decision to produce your own, clean renewable energy. A typical 3.0 KW solar electric system will prevent about 6,000 pounds of CO2 from entering the atmosphere each year! With this one decision, you would be doing the equivalent of planting 825 trees every year for the life of system, which is typically 30 years or more.

Is your home a good candidate? If you are serviced by PG&E or SCE and have a monthly electric bill exceeding $75, you could save a significant amount of money by installing a solar electric system. Request a Free Consultation to see if a solar energy system is right for you.

Cooperative Community Energy is California’s only solar co-op. Our unique business model puts the needs of our customers at the center of everything we do.

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