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PACE financing now available!

PACE financing is a simple, innovative way to purchase your solar PV system with no money down and no headaches from the banks! PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) offers affordable long-term financing that you (or the next homeowner) can repay on the property taxes. It's a better option than leasing and is available in most SF Bay Area counties. Check either or to see if your property is covered!

CPUC Expands Virtual Net Metering

Virtual Net Metering is the process by which a single PV system owner can allocate his or her system's output as credits to other tenant meters, allowing a single system to power multiple residences or business. This metering option was currently available only for affordable multifamily projects, and will soon be available for the general market.


Bill AB 920 Offers Compensation Option for Net-Metered Generators

Bill AB 920 provides a compensation option to the basic NEM program for "net generators," i.e. customers who import more electricity to the grid than they export from the grid, based on a customer's 12-month annual billing cycle. 


CSI Solar Thermal Program Under Way

Under the $350 million program called CSI-Thermal, gas and electric customers of PG&E, SCE, SDG&E, and Southern California Edison Gas (SoCalGas) are be eligible to receive a rebate for installing qualified solar water heating systems.


Legislature Passes Bill to Raise Solar Net Metering Cap

The California legislature passed AB 510, raising the cap on net energy metering (NEM) from 2.5% of utilities' peak demand to 5%, thereby doubling the number of potential solar customers that can take advantage of this special billing arrangement.