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CCEnergy and Plumas-Sierra REC Solar Program

Welcome, PSREC Members!

Cooperative Community Energy and Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative have joined forces to bring solar energy to PSREC members looking for greater energy independence, efficiency, and cost savings! Our partnership makes investing in grid-connected solar systems easy and convenient for you.

Available services

The CCEnergy-PSREC Solar Program offers a full range of solar services:

  • Site inspection with system recommendation and financial analysis for only $150!
  • Full service project management
  • Equipment discounts (typically 25-35% off list price!)
  • Certified solar installer referrals
  • Local building permit paperwork
  • Federal tax credits for 30% of the installed cost
  • PSREC rebates - up to $6,000 for residential installations!
  • PSREC special rate tariff for solar energy
  • Quality assurance and extended warranties
  • Membership value - CCEnergy is a member-owned Co-op, too!

PSREC staff member Jessica Nelson is part of CCEnergy's Board of Directors, ensuring that your interests as a rural electric cooperative are well represented in this partnership.

See more details about this partnership program [link to flyer]

For you do-it-yourself PSREC members who want to manage your own solar projects, PSREC and CCEnergy can provide you with information and resources regarding:

  • PSREC's net metering program
  • PSREC interconnection requirements
  • PSREC's solar rebate processing
  • Federal tax credit info
  • Local building permit guidance

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How the PSREC-CCEnergy Solar Program works

Here's a general overview of what you can expect through this program. CCEnergy and PSREC will handle most of these details for PSREC members as part of full service solar project management.

Contact Plumas-Sierra REC if you are interested in a grid-tied photovoltaic system.

  • PSREC will provide you with information regarding our net metering program, helpful tips, rebates and interconnection specifications.
  • If you would like additional assistance from us to evaluate the potential and your options for a PV system, PSREC will schedule a site inspection with you to analyze the site's potential and will also review your current energy load and future projected needs.
  • If you are planning on building a home and incorporating PV into the design, CCEnergy can work with your architect on a consulting basis ($125/hour).
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CCEnergy evaluates your needs and recommend system sizing and equipment ($150 fee paid directly to CCEnergy). Proposal includes:

  • Estimated system cost
  • Financial analysis
  • Site diagram of PV array location and orientation
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You sign a purchase agreement with CCEnergy and your system equipment order is placed. CCEnergy will submit PSREC rebate application.

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PSREC and CCEnergy refer you to a PSREC-certified contractor to guarantee your solar system installation meets PSREC's net metering standards. You must also purchase an additional meter required for participation in PSREC's net metering program.

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You sign PSREC's "Net Metering Payment Agreement-Annualized Payments" and the "Independent Electrical Generator Interconnection Agreement."

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CCEnergy assists you with processing your building permits.

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CCEnergy conducts a post-installation inspection of your new system to ensure electrical code, county, and PSREC safety requirements are met (such as installing a manual, lockable disconnect switch).

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CCEnergy processes paperwork for any rebates and tax credits for which your system is eligible.

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PSREC provides a rebate up to $6,000 for any PSREC approved residential system, regardless of whether you take advantage of CCEnergy's services. Commercial rebates are also available.

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You sign PSREC's net-metering contract and begin reaping the benefits of your PV system!

  • You are billed your normal facilities charge on a monthly basis. PSREC monitors both your electric usage and the PV system's output to provide you with an estimated "ongoing net."
  • At the end of each year, PSREC either will subtract your production from your usage and bill you for the difference, or mail you a check if your production exceeded your usage.
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Both Plumas-Sierra REC and Cooperative Community Energy are available to answer your questions at any time during this process. CCEnergy also offers an extended replacement warranty for parts and labor at additional charge.

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