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Energy Efficiency Consulting


CCEnergy works with businesses and organizations to reduce overhead expenses and improve profitability through conservation practices and energy efficiency combined with cost-effective power generation. We offer energy management consulting for new construction and retrofit projects including:

• Affordable Housing • Warehouses • School Buildings
• Residential Developments • Multi-family Housing • Municipal Facilities
• Manufacturing Facilities • Office Buildings

Our Services

Energy Management Consulting

  • Comprehensive energy savings and conservation plan development
  • Comprehensive energy analysis: commercial and residential
  • Utility bill analysis
  • Energy efficiency products
  • Economic feasibility analysis
  • Commercial and residential PV system design
  • Solar and green building marketing assistance
  • DOE-2 computer simulations for Title 24 compliance
  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) compliance

Complete solar project management

  • Commercial and residential PV system design
  • Solar system economic analysis/feasibility studies
  • Solar project management services
  • Developing Requests for Proposals (RFPs)
  • RFP bid package preparation
  • Building permit coordination
  • Solar installer/vendor relationship management
  • Rebate processing/relationships
  • Utility paperwork/processing
  • Equipment sales/service
  • System inspection
  • Solar and green building marketing assistance

Architect and developer support

  • Complete solar design and installation for new construction and retrofit projects
  • Building design energy evaluation
  • Rebate and utility programs tracking and administration
  • Department of State Architecture (DSA) requirements management for school and government facilities

Qualified consultants

  • LEED-certified energy management professionals
  • Experienced solar energy system design engineers and project managers

About CCEnergy Professional Services

CCEnergy offers professional consulting services in addition to solar system sales and project management. This area of business has evolved naturally in response to the particular needs of the Co-op's growing sales to commercial and municipal customers interested in solar electricity and energy efficiency for office buildings, warehouses, manufacturing plants, multi-family and affordable housing developments, and schools.

Consulting services enable CCEnergy to meet the needs of larger, more complex projects which often require a much more extended period of time and effort.

In addition to commercial companies, municipalities, and school districts, CCEnergy also offers consulting services to building and design professionals. -"CCEnergy can use our existing expertise in energy efficiency and solar design to offer professional services to help developers and architects integrate energy conservation and solar PV into their projects."

Analyzing electricity usage, energy efficiency, and cost feasibility has always been an integral part of CCEnergy services. This analysis ensures that CCEnergy sizes and designs photovoltaic systems appropriately for every customer's specific usage and site requirements. CCEnergy field representatives typically gather all the necessary information for residential solar system analysis during an initial site visit and consultation with owners. The cost of providing these services is included in CCEnergy's value-priced solar systems.

Incremental services for commercial and institutional clients

Why does CCEnergy recommend a consulting approach for larger solar projects?

  • Assessing the energy needs and financial viability of solar energy for commercial and municipal buildings and design-build projects involves many more factors, and tends to be a more detailed and protracted undertaking.
  • Commercial buildings' energy usage is completely different from single dwelling homes. Commercial electricity rate tariffs are more stratified than residential rates. Often there are multiple utility meters and even different types of meters.
  • Typically more than one person, such as an executive board or committee, is involved in a company's or organization's decision-making process.
  • Commercial and municipal projects must meet a myriad of additional, stricter building and electrical code requirements, whether solar energy is being considered as a retrofit measure or as part of a new construction project. This frequently necessitates specialized engineering, energy efficiency, and building design expertise - particularly with new construction.

CCEnergy Professional Services offering standalone services. Businesses and municipalities generally are accustomed to evaluating the return on investment for major expenditures before making a decision to purchase. Large projects have design, engineering, and building phases. Consulting services enable CCEnergy to help larger customers fully explore the cost-benefit aspects of adopting energy efficiency measures and investing in solar early in the design phase of the project.

Regardless of whether consulting services result in commercial clients moving ahead, delaying, or even declining to purchase a solar energy system, these clients benefit from CCEnergy's expertise in reaching their decision. Commercial consulting clients also benefit from the ability to pay for services incrementally and book these as tax-deductible expenses.

Consulting Success Story

As an example, the Sonoma Valley Unified School District hired CCEnergy to evaluate electrical usage for 21 school meters. Using CCEnergy's proprietary energy analysis tool, our consultants determined that merely by switching the rate tariff (that is, the schedule that determines the utility rate paid for electricity) on four or five of their meters, the district could save approximately $16,000 per year on electricity. For a school system burdened by rising costs and budget challenges, this was happy news indeed, and provided the district with an extremely quick return on its investment with CCEnergy Consulting Services.

Referral Program

Members and friends who refer qualified candidates for CCEnergy consulting services receive 5% of the consulting contract amount to the referring party (rewarded upon receipt of consulting client's payment).

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