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Maximizing Energy Harvest with Tilt-Ups

Project Name: Thomas Stocking
City & State: San Rafael, CA
Rated DC Output: 3.69kW
Rated AC Output: 3.085 kW
Modules: 18 ET-Solar ET-P654205's (205 Watts Each)
Inverter: 1 PV Powered PVP3000-240 (3,000 Watts)
Total installed cost: $24,047
CSI Rebate: $4,618
Tax Credit: $5,829
Net Cost: $13,600
Net Cost per Watt: $4.41AC, $3.69 DC
Installed in: July 2009
Field Rep: Craig Dinsdale
Design Review: Erin McMahon
Installer: Bavaria Construction

The homeowners wanted to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible and zero out their bill, but the amount of usable roof space was limited. We coordinated with their roofer and added tilt-ups in order to maximize energy harvest from the system. This installation also required an upgrade of their service panel.