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Member Name: Serge Kashpersky
Project Title: Residential array on composite shingle roof
City & State: San Ramon, CA
Rated DC Output: 6.2kW
Rated AC Output: 5.2 kW
Modules: 22 ET-Solar 280 watt panels,
Inverter: SMA 6000 watt inverter
Other Major Equipment: UniRac flush mount racking and a new 200 Amp main service panel
Monitoring: none
Total Installed Cost: $34,400
Rebate Amount: $5,200
Tax Credit: $10,300
Net Cost: $19,900
Date of Installation: October, 2009
Designer: Dick Hansen
Installer: Pacific Solar Energy

The clients had just moved into their “new” 1970’s built home which had a cedar shake roof in dire need of replacement prior to the winter rains. As they had no history of electric usage, we estimated a system that would probably meet their needs, and allowed roof space for a later expansion. Since the main electric service panel was under-sized and in poor condition, we suggested installing a new 200 Amp service panel that would provide lots of flexibility as he undertook renovations to the interior of his home. Of key concern to the owners was our ability to work with the roofer; as we do this often we were able to explain how we work together to have a solar system that is covered under the roofer’s warranty.

A mutually acceptable start date was agreed upon with the roofer. The roofer tore off the old shake roof, relocated some vents, installed the CDX decking, and tar paper. The solar contractor came and laid out the array and attached the bases for the stand-offs; then the roofer installed the flashings for the stand-offs and composite shingles. The solar installers returned to install the UniRac rails, ET Solar panels, inverter and the 200A service panel. A week later the system was tested passed inspection by the local building authorities. One week after that, 3.5” of rain fell on San Ramon; everything was nice and dry inside.