California's only solar company OWNED by its customers.

Running the Meter Backwards

Owner: Sally Ahnger
Geographic location: Los Altos, California
System output: 3,970 watts
Configuration: Kyocera 440 KC120-1 modules & 2 SMA SunnyBoy inverters
How/where mounted: Roof mount on TileTrac flush mount racks
Rebate amount: $18,409
Date of installation: March 20, 2002
Designer: Don Barch
Installer: Roy Padilla, Don Barch
CCEnergy Rep: Don Barch

CCEnergy inspector Erin McMahon surveys Sally Ahnger's rooftop PV installation.

CCEnergy President Daniel Pellegrini hands Sally her California Energy Commission rebate check.

This is the fun part: Sally's monthly PG&E bill showing a $3.44 basic service fee.