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Educational Solar Project Goes Live!

Plumas Sierra Rural Electric Co-op wanted to create an educational solar site to help local electricians, installers, home owners, public officials, and school children learn how a typical PV system is designed and operates in real-world local conditions.

To suit this purpose, CCEnergy designed a small home-like structure and installed a 2.2 kW PV system on the roof. The "home" was constructed with materials similar to local residences, including a layer of ice-block in the roof, to withstand extreme amounts of snow.

The PV system produces approx. 3,900 kWh/year and offsets the electric demands of the PSREC’s main office and reduces their operating expenses. The output of the system, along with current weather conditions and PV module temperature, are monitored remotely through the internet.

To see a real-time system performance, CLICK HERE


12 Kyocera 210 watt panels
1 SMA SB3000US (3,000 watt) inverter.
SMA Sunny WebBox
SMA Sunny Sensor (meanures Ambient Temperature, Module Temperature, and Wind Speed)

City & State: Portola, CA
Total Installed Cost: $ 19,475
CSI Rebate: N/A (outside of PG&E territory)
Tax Credit: $5,843
Net Cost: $13,632
Net Cost per Watt: $6.27/w AC
Installed in: November, 2010
Designer: Erin McMahon
Installer: SolWest Construction