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Project Name: Mark Cervarich
City & State: San Francisco, CA
Rated DC Output: 3.427 kW
Rated AC Output: 2.914 kW
Modules: 18 Sharp ND-216U1Fs
Inverter: 1 Kaco BluePlanet 3601xi
Total installed cost: $33,757
CSI Rebate: $5,536
GoSolarSF Rebate: $5,000
Tax Credit: $4,053
Net Cost: $19,168
Net Cost per Watt: $6.57AC, $5.59 DC
Installed in: Nov 2009
Field Rep: Craig Dinsdale
Design Review: Erin McMahon
Installer: Bavaria Construction

Sometimes it’s not the technical challenges that are the biggest when it comes to solar installation. This is what one San Francisco professional found out when he proposed solarizing the roof of his home. Our customer owned the lower residence in a two unit condo. Understandably, the owner of the upper unit was concerned that the weight of the solar array would stress the roof and cause it to leak.

CCEnergy incorporates weight bearing analyses in all its designs, and this one was no exception. This system design included the attachment of stanchions to each rafter, so that the weight of the solar array would spread out evenly over the entire roof. Before installation, CCEnergy took the time to negotiate with the neighbor, as well as with the building’s roofer to guarantee that the roof could withstand the load, ensuring that all stakeholders were happy. This is the “cooperative” advantage of Cooperative Community Energy.