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System Provides Both Power and Shade

Customer Name: Lynn Arscott
Project name: Residential Trellis Array
City & State: Danville, CA
Rated DC Output: 4.0kW
Rated AC Output: 3.5kW
Modules: 20 Sanyo 195 watt panels
Inverter: SMA SB 4000 watt inverter
Monitoring: none
Total installed cost: $31,900
CSI Rebate: $4,300
Tax Credit: $2,000
Net Cost: $25,600
Net Cost per Watt: $7.31 AC, $6.40 DC
Date of installation: March, 2008
Designer: Dick Hansen
Installer: Pacific Solar Energy

The clients have a keen respect for the environment and wanted to do their part to limit greenhouse gases. They were motivated to get a PV system, if it could be obtained at a reasonable price. Their second story south facing roof receives perfect sun, but the near 40 year old barrel tiles would be damaged during installation. However, the owner was interested in replacing/upgrading an existing trellis that protected the family room from the afternoon sun and this provided a suitable location.

The client designed the shade structure with input from CCEnergy’s solar designer and had it constructed. Due to space constraints, a decision was made to use high-output Sanyo Modules in order to maximize the power yield from the limited space. This increased the cost, but the higher output was justifiable. A tilt-up support structure from UniRac was used to achieve the correct pitch. Once the array was built, lattice was placed under the panels which does a nice job of obscuring the structure from below and directs the eye out to the yard and swimming pool.