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Strong Financials Get CCEnergy the Job

“I really enjoyed working with CCEnergy and will recommend your services to others that are in the market for solar.”

- Kerry Trembath

Member Name: Kerry Trembath
Project Title: Spanish Tile Roof Installation
City & State: Pleasanton, CA
Rated DC Output: 4.5 kW
Rated AC Output: 3.9 kW
Modules: 22 ET-Solar 205 watt panels
Inverter: 1 SMA SB4000 watt inverter
Total Installed Cost: $30,800
CSI Rebate: $5,850
Tax Credit: $7,485
Net Cost: $17,465
Net Cost per Watt: $4.48/AC, $3.88/DC
Date of Installation: June, 2008
Designer: Dick Hansen
Installer: Pacific Solar Energy

The home is located in an upscale neighborhood with a Spanish barrel tile roof and many “architectural enhancements” of gables and various projections. This added to the complexity of the install. In addition, several attic vents and drain vents had to be relocated which restricted available roof space and increased the installed cost.

Since CCEnergy uses panels from many different solar manufacturers, a variety of design solutions and price-points were available. The ET-Solar solution resulted in a high quality low cost solution which eliminated about 85% of the electricity costs.

The client is a practicing engineer who is interested in the details and placed a strong emphasis on financial analysis. He thoroughly dissected each of the competitive bids and decided that the CCEnergy proposal was the best value. He took an active interest during the three day installation period, photographed the work as it progressed and then monitored production during the ensuing months. He remains pleased with the decision to install solar and with CCEnergy.