High Visibility Also Delivers Aesthetics

Owner: Ken Brown
Geographic location: Cupertino, California
System output: 2,385 watts
Configuration: 24 KC120-1 modules & Xantrex SunTie 2500 inverter
How/where mounted: Roof mount on TileTrac flush mount racks
Rebate amount: $10,731
Date of installation: January 22, 2002
Designer: Kyocera
Installer: Roy Padilla/Don Barch
CCEnergy Rep: Don Barch

CCEnergy members finish up final rooftop installation inspection.

CCEnergy rep Don Barch points out PV panel multi-contact connector.

Tile-Trac mount anchors PV panels to roof.

Clamps hold rack-mounted PV panels in place.

CCEnergy system inspector Erin McMahon checks for properly grounded wires in the combiner box for the array.

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