Combined Mounting Creates Matching Array Angles

Owner: Joan Bertsch
Geographic location: Bolinas, California
System output: 4.0 kW
Configuration: 40 KC-120s and AEI MM-5000 inverter with 4 Concord batteries
How/where mounted: 28 flush mounted on upper roof; 12 on tilt-up mounts on lower roof
Rebate amount: $10,775
Date of installation: March 20, 2002
Designer: Daniel Pellegrini
Installer: Roy Phillips panels on roof; Don Barch inverter and wiring
CCEnergy Rep: Dan Pellegrini, Don Barch

Larger, flush mounted array installed on higher pitched roof section.

Smaller tilt-up mounted array compensates for flatter roofline and matches angle of flush-mounted array.

Array design accommodates roof obstacles.

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