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Homeowner Adds PV as Part of Remodel

Member Name: Jeff Haggin
City & State: San Rafael, CA
Rated DC Output: 7.88 kW
Rated AC Output: 6.765 kW
Modules: 45 SolarWorld SW175 Mono’s (175 Watts Each)
Inverter: 1 SMA SB7000US 240 (7,000 Watts)
Total Installed Cost: $62,887
CSI Rebate: $11,498
Tax Credit: $15,417
Net Cost: $35,972
Net Cost per Watt: $5.32 AC, $4.56 DC
Installed in: February 2009
Designer: Craig Dinsdale
Installer: Bavaria Construction

The ground-mounted PV array was installed as part of a complete remodel, including all new landscaping. In order to accommodate the construction schedule, work was completed in two stages – first the posts and frame went in, then about a month later, the install was completed. The best position for the array was inside the setback area, which was resolved by obtaining a variance from the local building authorities.