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Smooth Sailing Belvedere Install

Member Name: Jeff Appleman
City & State: Belvedere, CA
Rated DC Output: 4.10kW
Rated AC Output: 3.467kW
Modules: 20 ET-Solar ET-P654205’s (205 Watts Each)
Inverter: PV Powered 1 PVP3500-240SD (3,500 Watts)
Monitoring: Yes, through PV Powered
Total Installed Cost: $23,024
CSI Rebate: $5,152
Tax Credit: $5,361
Net Cost: $12,511
Net Cost per Watt: $3.61 AC, $3.05 DC
Installed in: September 2009
Designer: Craig Dinsdale
Installer: Bavaria Construction

This installation will save the owners nearly $2,000 annually in electricity payments – needless to say they are very happy with their investment.