California's only solar company OWNED by its customers.

Big, Beautiful and Powerful yet Low-profile

Owner: Hal & Linda Kramer
Geographic location: Tiburon, California
System output: 4,769 watts
Configuration: 48 KC120-1 modules & 2 SMA SunnyBoy inverters
How/where mounted: Ground mounted on south-facing slope
Estimated savings $10,826.68 (24%)
Rebate amount: $21,462
Date of installation: March 20, 2002
Designer: Daniel Pellegrini
Installer: Roy Phillips
CCEnergy Rep: Daniel Pellegrini

Hillside shrubbery on the Kramers' spacious lot accommodated a low-profile ground mounting for both solar PV and hot water systems.

The PV array is hidden from view looking straight outward from the residence.

The view looking out from the Kramer residence shows the PV array situated just above the previously installed solar hot water system.

Close-up ground mount detail.

The Kramer property hillside before the PV installation.