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3.0kW System Installed For Under $7,000

"Best Customer service. Erin is very well informed. Without her I wouldn’t not have known about San Francisco’s Low interest Loan program that allowed me to finance my solar system as well as energy efficiency work, a new roof, insulation, new windows even a new washer & dryer. I appreciated her help, knowledge and flexibility. She made it easy for me to compare & check out the completion to make sure I received the best price & Service. I appreciate that CCEnergy is not pushy like the competition. I really appreciate the way Erin worked so hard to accommodate the special needs of my project. I have an unusual schedule and travel due to my work. Erin coordinated with contractors and with the City to make it all come together at an affordable price."

- Deanne Franklin

Member Name: Deanne Franklin
City & State: San Francisco, CA
Rated DC Output: 3.06 kW
Rated AC Output: 2.576 kW
Modules: 18 Sharp NE-170U1’s (170 Watts Each)
Inverter: 1 SMA SB4000US (4,000 Watts)
Total installed cost: $24,625
CSI Rebate: $4,727
GoSolarSF Rebate: $10,500
Tax Credit: $3,133
Net Cost: $6,265
Net Cost per Watt: $2.43 AC, $2.05 DC
Installed in: October, 2009
Designer: Erin McMahon
Installer: Sesco Electrical

Deanne Franklin is an Audio Engineer. A 24 year SF resident who loves her city & her Bernal Height Neighborhood that has been her home for 16 years.

She wanted to zero out her bill, and create excess capacity in anticipation of buying an electric car. This was a challenge due to limited roof space. It was also a challenge due to lack of capital. The roof space issue was addressed by maximizing the roof design and choosing high-efficiency-low-cost panels. We worked closely with Deanne to get a SF-sponsored loan and also maximized her rebates through the GoSolarSF and CSI programs.