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Member Name: Chris Diaz
City & State: Santa Rosa, CA
Rated DC Output: 8.880 kW
Rated AC Output: 7.488 kW
Modules: 48 Kyocera KD185GX-LPU’s (185 Watts Each)
Inverter: 1 SMA SB8000US-240 (8,000 Watts) & 1 SMA SB7000US-240 (7,000 Watts)
Total Installed Cost: $55,349
CSI Rebate: $7,665
Tax Credit: $14,305
Net Cost: $33,379
Net Cost per Watt: $4.46 AC, $3.76 DC
Installed in: March 2010
Field Rep: Craig Dinsdale
Design Review: Erin McMahon
Installer: SolWest Energy

This co-op member was so happy with his existing CCEnergy system that he asked us to double the energy production. CCEnergy located modules that not only fulfilled their new energy goals, but that also provided the closest visual match possible to the modules on their existing ground-mounted system. To avoid having to rewire the entire system, CCEnergy proposed replacing their two inverters with one. As a bonus, CCEnergy sold the customer’s inverters on EBay to help them offset the cost of the new one. This installation supports all of sustainability’s three Rs in terms of both energy consumption and equipment utilization.