Commercial Case Study - Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley

Member Name: Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley
Project name: Unitarian Universalists Go Solar
City & State: Berkeley, CA
Rated DC Output: 59.6750kW
System Output (AC watts): 50.998 kW
Modules: 336 SolarWorld SW175 MONO B’s (175 Watts Each)
Inverters: 7 SMA SB7000US-208 (7,000 Watts Each)
Monitoring: Yes, through SMA
Total installed cost: $413,203
Rebate amount: $128,991
Tax Credit: $85,264
Net Cost: $198,948
Net Cost per Watt: $3.90 AC, $3.33DC
Date of installation: November 2008
Designer: Dick Hansen
Installer: Alliance Solar

Investing half million dollars in our solar PV system was a great investment. While the stock market was going down, our investment was generating solid returns month after month, and reducing our carbon footprint. The people at CCEnergy worked hard to meet our needs, and made the whole process easy. Their passion for solar shows through.

-Linda Laskowski , Unitarian Church of Berkeley

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