California's only solar company OWNED by its customers.

Solar Powers Busy San Francisco Service Station

Owner: Roy and Patty Shimek
Geographic location: San Francisco, California
System output: 30.4 kW
Configuration: 216 Kyocer KC167G panels & 12 SunnyBoy 2500U inverters
How/where mounted: On levered platform attached to standing seam metal canopy
Total annual energy savings: $10,000
Estimated ROI payoff: 8 years
Date of installation: August 2004
Designer: Max Mayer, CCEnergy
Installer: Ernesto Montenero, Sustainable Technologies
CCEnergy Rep: Max Mayer

A 30.4kW blue jewel gleams on a high-traffic San Francisco street corner.

The solar array is tilted to capture maximum solar exposure.

The solar system can be seen at street level, yet is attractively low-profile.

Brackets bolted to the backsides of the solar panels as bracing.

The installion crew worked nightshifts with a crane to get equipment onto the canopy.