Permaculture Institute Realizes Sustainability Goal with Solar

Owner: Penny Livingston-Stark, James Stark, Permaculture Institute of Northern California
Geographic location: Point Reyes, California
System output: 4.8 kW
Configuration: 36 KC-158 PV panels with two SunnyBoy 2500U inverters
How/where mounted: Ground-mounted on custom-built frame
Date of installation: May 2003
Designer: Dan Pellegrini
Installer: Chris Frye, Alternative Energy Inc.
CCEnergy Rep: Dan Pellegrini

The array's location on the PINC's property captures full sunlight during peak hours.

The PINC's system demonstrates self-generated solar electricity as another component of sustainability.

The institute's lush, enclosed gardens obscure the low-angled array from the street completely.

The array is ground-mounted on a sturdy, custom-built frame.

A duo of inverters, shaded from the elements, provides a constant digital readout of power generation.

CCEnergy field reps Max Mayer and Dan Pellegrini with Penny and James Stark.

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