California's only solar company OWNED by its customers.

Bringing Solar to Apartment Dwellers

Owner: Barry and Aidan O'Sullivan
Geographic location: Rohnert Park,California
System output: 71.7 kW
Configuration: Front building: 180 KC167G modules Rear building: 330 KC167G modules 28 SunnyBoy inverters
Total installation cost: $628,486
Rebate amount: $314,243
Date of installation: March 2004
Designer: Brent Eubanks, Dan Pellegrini
Installer: Marin Solar
CCEnergy Rep: Brent Eubanks, Dan Pellegrini

Roof array on Park Garden Apartments' rear building, facing southwest.

The array on the front building faces southeast, away from the streetfront.

CCEnergy project co-manager Brent Eubanks with some of the system's 28 SunnyBoy inverters, mounted on the module frames.

The installation crew works on front building array's mounting system attachments.

The solar array sits on a flat rooftop, sheltered on all sides by a parapet wall.