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Solar Solution for Portable Classrooms

Owner: Montclair Elementary School
Geographic location: Oakland, California
System output: 1.6 kW
Configuration: 16 Kyocera KC120-1 modules & SMA SunnyBoy 1800 inverter
Special details: Kiosk energy data display indicates rate of energy generation
How/where mounted: Rack mount attached to steel seam roof
Total system cost: $17,372.39
Rebate amount: $7,184.22
Date of installation: November 21, 2002
Designer: Erin McMahon, CCEnergy, San Francisco
Installer: Stephen Lyons, Sine Electric, Santa Rosa
CCEnergy Rep: Scott Ragsdale, CCEnergy Oakland

Ms. Tate's second grade class takes a moment to point out the solar panels. The solar array is placed on a classroom's steal seam roof with ideal southern exposure.

The tilt-mounted configuration orients the array for maximum solar absorption.

Mounting brackets securely brace the solar panels.

Stephen Lyon's wraps up the Montclair School installation with an afternoon call to his Santa Rosa office.

The solar array is both highly visible yet safely out of reach from children.