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Analy High School Woodshop Roof Ideal for Solar

Owner: West County Union High School District (The Taxpayers!)
Geographic location: Sebstopol, California
System output: 28,000 watts
Configuration: 178 KC187 modules & 6 SunnyBoy SB6000 inverters
How/where mounted: Flush mount on sawtooth roofline
Total system installation cost: $235,114
Rebate amount: $179,200
Date of installation: August 2005
Designer: Brent Eubanks, CCEnergy Sales Engineer
Installer: Solaris Solar Inc.
CCEnergy Rep: Pete Blair, Sales Manager

The woodshop building's southward orientation offers optimum conditions for efficient solar energy production.

The solar panels are visible from the athletic field.

Looking eastward from the rooftop of the school's woodshop building.

The building's sawtooth roofline provides the near-perfect angle for solar absorption.